Caching Strategies in Heterogeneous Networks with D2D, small BS and macro BS communications

Speaker: Irene Pappalardo, Date: 6th of November 2015, Time: 13:30, Room: 201 (DEI/A)
Abstract. The increase  in wireless data traffic is encouraging a shift from standard cellular networks, with one base station providing wireless connection to all the users in the cell, to heterogeneous networks, where several small base stations can assist the macro base station in providing connection to all the users. Furthermore, with device-to-device communications the users can also share local content without multiple requests to the base station. In this complex network scenario, we propose a proactive caching policy to exploit all these communication opportunities and reduce congestion at the backhaul link. The goal is to minimize the system cost, in terms of energy or bandwidth wastage. We provide a closed form expression for the average system cost in the case in which we consider user mobility and different classes of user’s interests. We present a robust optimization framework, and we show significant performance gains as compared to a static caching policy.