On the relation between underwater acoustic and optical channels. Cruise ALOMEX’15 – Sea Trial.

Speaker: Filippo Campagnaro and Roberto Francescon, Date: 20th of November 2015, Time: 13:30, Room: 201 (DEI/A)

Traditionally, underwater communication employs acoustic modems in order to achieve long transmission range at low bitrate. However, recent studies demonstrate that optical transmissions are most suitable for underwater short range and high bitrate communication. Since 2014, the University of Padova and the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) joined forces in the investigation of underwater multimodal (acoustic and optical) networks, focusing on their feasibility, performance assessment and applications. This collaboration resulted in a sea trial: the CMRE invited the University of Padova to join the ALOMEX’15 cruise. Our role was to inspect the acoustic channel conditions, while concurrently measuring the optical channel. The next steps, will be to analyze these measurements in order to find any existing correlation between the optical and the acoustic underwater channels and understand which parameters and conditions (such as temperature, salinity, pressure, etc.) affect them. This study is highly innovative and will permit to assess how to combine optical and acoustic communication technologies for use within underwater networks.