Communication protocols for the Internet of Things

Speaker: Chiara Pielli, Date: 11th of December 2015, Time: 13:30, Room: 201 (DEI/A)

Abstract. The shift towards an ubiquitous computing brought in by the Internet of Things (IoT) demands for a seamless integration of a huge number of heterogeneous end systems, with different requirements and capabilities. Standard communication protocols are not capable of addressing the new needs introduced by the IoT, thus an intensive research by both academia and industry has been focusing on the development of new protocols for the communication between the end devices and the IP world. These protocols intend to provide common ways to access the data collected by the IoT nodes whilst abstracting the specifics of the wireless technologies employed in the transmission among the end devices. The Machine Type Communication (MTC) envisages a deluge of messages usually transmitted from the end devices to a central aggregator in an autonomous fashion, thereby making the classic polling protocols unsuitable for an efficient communication. Typically the exchanged packets are also very short and therefore demand a small header in order not to overload the transmission of just few bytes. Scalability, security and the ability of handling different QoS needs are also core requisites. This presentation aims at introducing the main features of the MTC and the most important communication protocols that have been proposed so far –  namely MQTT, AMQP and REST – which will be compared with respect to the requirements of MTC.