On the Evaluation of LTE Random Access Channel Overload in a Smart City Scenario

Speaker: Marco Centenaro and Michele Polese, Date: 29th of January 2016, Time: 13:30, Room: 201 (DEI/A)

Abstract. Several studies assert that the random access procedure of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) cellular standard may not be effective whenever a massive number of synchronous connection attempts are performed by terminals, as may happen in a typical Internet of Things or Smart City scenario. Nevertheless, simu- lation studies in real deployment scenarios are missing because many system-level simulators do not implement the LTE random access procedure in detail. In this paper, we propose a patch for the LTE module of ns–3, one of the most prominent open-source network simulators, to improve the accuracy of the routine that simulates the LTE Random Access Channel (RACH). The patched version of the random access procedure is compared with the default one and the issues arising from massive synchronous access from mobile terminals in LTE are assessed with a simulation campaign.