A Stochastic Geometry Framework for Asynchronous Full-Duplex Communications

Speaker: Andrea Munari, Date: 12th of February 2016, Time: 13:45, Room: 318 (third floor of DEI/G building)

Abstract. In-band full-duplex is emerging as a promising solution to enhance throughput in wireless networks. Allowing nodes to simultaneously send and receive data over the same bandwidth can potentially double the system capacity, and a good degree of maturity has been reached in terms of physical layer design with practical demonstrations in simple topologies. Continue Reading…

Cell Zooming: A New Approach to Energy Efficiency in Cellular Network

Speaker: Atieh R. Khamesi, Date: 5th of February 2016, Time: 13:30, Room: 201 (DEI/A)

Abstract. With the enormous growth in the telecommunication industry, energy efficiency has become a critical issue. In this talk, I will introduce the concept of “Cell Zooming”, which was proposed to achieve both Energy Efficiency (EE) and Area Spectral Efficiency (ASE) in mobile networks. In my talk, three different Cell Zooming algorithms will be presented and their performance will be evaluated. Finally, some ideas for future work will be discussed.