A Stochastic Geometry Framework for Asynchronous Full-Duplex Communications

Speaker: Andrea Munari, Date: 12th of February 2016, Time: 13:45, Room: 318 (third floor of DEI/G building)

Abstract. In-band full-duplex is emerging as a promising solution to enhance throughput in wireless networks. Allowing nodes to simultaneously send and receive data over the same bandwidth can potentially double the system capacity, and a good degree of maturity has been reached in terms of physical layer design with practical demonstrations in simple topologies. However, the true potential of full-duplex at a system level is yet to be fully understood. The talk illustrates an analytical framework based on stochastic geometry that captures the behaviour of large full-duplex networks implementing an asynchronous random access policy. Via closed-form expressions we discuss the key tradeoffs that characterise these systems, exploring among the rest the role of transmission duration, imperfect self- interference cancellation and fraction of full-duplex nodes in the network. We also provide protocol design principles, and our comparison with slotted systems sheds light on the performance loss induced by the lack of synchronism.