Resource Sharing in 5G mmWave Cellular Networks

Speaker: Waqas Bin Abbas, Date: Friday the 17th of June 2016, Time: 14:30, Room: 201 (DEI/A)

Abstract. In this talk, we discuss resource sharing, a key dimension in mmWave network design in which spectrum, access and/or network infrastructure resources can be shared by multiple operators. It is argued that this sharing paradigm will be essential to fully exploit the tremendous amounts of bandwidth and the large number of antenna degrees of freedom available in these bands, and to provide statistical multiplexing to accommodate the highly variable nature of the traffic. In this paper, we investigate and compare various sharing configurations in order to capture the enhanced potential of mmWave communications. Our results reflect both the technical and the economical aspects of the various sharing paradigms. We deliver a number of key insights, corroborated by detailed simulations, which include an analysis of the effects of the distinctive propagation characteristics of the mmWave channel, along with a rigorous multi-antenna characterization. Key findings of this study include (i) the strong dependence of the comparative results on channel propagation and antenna characteristics, and therefore the need to accurately model them, and (ii) the desirability of a full spectrum and infrastructure sharing configuration, which may result in increased user rate as well as in economical advantages for both service provider.