RFID based People-Object Interaction Detection

Speaker: Raul Parada Medina, Date: Friday the 10th of June 2016, Time: 15:30, Room: 318 (third floor of DEI/G)

Abstract. The Internet of Things (IoT) technologies introduced the “things” entity to interact with computers and people, being a key factor to enhance services in the Smart City context. An example of IoT technology is radio-frequency identification (RFID) which provides identification and communication capabilities to simple objects. Continue Reading…

Distortion Minimization in Multi-Sensor Estimation Using EnergyHarvesting and Energy Sharing

Speaker: Subhrakanti Dey, Date: 1st of April 2016, Time: 14:30, Room: DEI/D

Abstract. In this talk we will investigate an optimal energy allocation problem for multi sensor estimation of a random source where sensors communicate their measurements to a remote fusion centre (FC) over orthogonal fading wireless channels using uncoded analog transmissions. Continue Reading…

Pulse design optimization for ToA-based localization

Speaker: Andrea Biral, Date: 18th of March 2016, Time: 14:30, Room: 318 (third floor of DEI/G building)

Abstract: Over the coming decades, high-definition situationally-aware networks have the potential to create revolutionary applications in the social, scientific, commercial, and military sectors. Ultrawide bandwidth (UWB) technology is a viable candidate for enabling accurate localization capabilities through time-of-arrival (TOA)-based ranging techniques.

Continue Reading…