TheSIGNET Group at the Department of Information Engineering, University of Padova, is mainly active in SIGnal and NETworking research. This page presents the research areas of the group.

Research on 5G cellular nets is ongoing to achieve unprecendently experienced bitrates, exploiting massive MIMO technology, machine learning for self-adapting
Example research results: Valentina Vadori, Enrico Grisan, Michele Rossi, "Biomedical Signal Compression with Time- and Subject-adaptive Dictionary for Wearable Devices,"
The term Internet of Things (IoT) describes a number of technologies and research disciplines that will enable the Internet to
Droplet-based microfluidics, molecular networking, droplet-based communication. Droplet microfluidics refers to manipulation and control of little amount of fluids flowing into
Communications, market models and control. Our focus is centered around the use of Distributed Energy Sources (DES) in electricity grids.
Networking Protocols, experimentation, at-sea trials. We are involved in several research activities for underwater networking. There, our focus is centered